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Elevate freshness effortlessly with Evigence: real-time food monitoring from production to consumption. Your trusted partner for unparalleled freshness, no guesswork needed.

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Measure and manage the freshness of foods across the entire supply chain:

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Unlock real-time freshness data across your fresh supply chain, or at the moment your fresh foods arrive to consumers’ homes. Measure and manage the freshness of foods in real time across the entire supply chain.


increase in consumer engagement
increase in customer loyalty and sales


reach in food safety compliance
guarantee food safety and quality


gain in visibility and traceability
optimize your operation based on data

Use real time freshness data to

optimize your fresh foods

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The Challenge with Fresh

Fresh food is sensitive to temperature and time. Just one degree of temperature change can add or subtract 10% of food’s shelf life.

The actual shelf life is often 2x greater than that indicated by the date code.


Evigence Freshness Management Platform

Evigence’s Freshness Management Platform combines sensors and data analytics to enable real-time optimization of freshness across the entire supply chain.
Sensors are placed in shipping boxes at the moment of packing and react to aggregate time / temperature exposure.


Upon delivery, scanning the sensor confirms freshness. Non-fresh alerts offer immediate insights, and granular data can be analyzed for freshness comparison


Scan data is aggregated and analyzed by corporate teams via the Evigence Insights Engine to optimize freshness across operations

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Customer Testimonials

Get a new perspective on freshness. Hear it directly from our customers.

Evigence has given us first-time visibility into the freshness of our ingredients,

when they arrive at our customers' homes, which has been game-changing both for our operations and for building trust and loyalty with our customers.
Natasha Tahilramani
Head of Quality, Safety & Sustainability

Evigence has given us a tool to reach 100% quality compliance,

and make sure that our customers experience the same confidence in freshness that we do. At Marley Spoon we are data driven and customer obsessed.
Annaberth Van der Steege
Head of Production

With Evigence, we've redefined freshness management for our deliveries,

helping differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing our customers with a guarantee of quality and freshness. In fact, 99% of our customers felt more comfortable in the freshness of the foods received, which we expect to translate to higher retention and sales.
Johan Jonker
Founder & CEO

Use real time freshness data to

optimize your fresh foods

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