November 13, 2023

Evigence Announces Formation of Scientific Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce the establishment of our very own Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at Evigence. Comprised of renowned leaders and experts from diverse scientific disciplines, this board will provide invaluable expertise as we pursue our mission to transform the concept of freshness.

The global scale of annual food waste is alarmingly high, with a significant portion originating from consumers in their own homes. Many consumers rely on the “best-by” or “sell-by” dates printed on the product, leading to a substantial amount of perfectly safe food being needlessly discarded.

“Reducing food waste is critical for a sustainable future, and Evigence’s solution can effectively drive positive consumer behavior while reducing waste throughout the supply chain,” said Dr. Eyal Shimoni, Senior R&D, Tech and Food-Tech Expert.

In pursuit of our goal to transform the meaning of freshness and reducing food waste and ensuring food safety, we recognize the paramount importance of technological advancements in safeguarding public health. William and Donald, esteemed Professors at Rutgers University, eagerly conveyed their enthusiasm upon joining the Evigence Scientific Advisory Board, determined to contribute to these ongoing technological breakthroughs.

“I’m very pleased to join the Evigence Scientific Advisory Board. I look forward to working with the Evigence team to use its innovative technology to enhance the ability of consumers to choose foods that are demonstrably safe, nutritious, and of the highest quality,” Dr. William Hillman.
Dr. Donald Schaffner, also expressed his keen excitement for Evigence’s cutting-edge technology. “I’m very excited by the technology that is being developed by Evigence, and the potential it offers for managing microbial freshness concerns.”

We are privileged to introduce the Evigence Scientific Advisory Board:

Dr. Eyal Shimoni, Senior R&D, Tech, and Food-Tech expert
Dr. Donald W. Schaffner, Professor at Rutgers University
Dr. William K. Hallman, Professor at Rutgers University

“We are incredibly enthusiastic to assemble such a distinguished group of scientific minds on our newly formed Scientific Advisory Board,” said Yoav Levy, Co-founder and CEO of Evigence. “Their expertise and guidance will play a pivotal role in shaping our research, product development strategies, and overall business trajectory. We are confident that their insights and expertise will significantly enhance our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers and drive positive impact in freshness measurement.”

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to collaborate with our Scientific Advisory Board, achieving new heights in scientific research and innovation.

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