December 13, 2023

Evigence Unveils New Website to Revolutionize Freshness Management in the Food Industry

Evigence, a pioneering force in freshness management technology, proudly announces the launch of its revamped and rebranded website, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey to transform the way freshness is measured and managed across the supply chain.

At Evigence, we are on a mission to redefine freshness.Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge sensor technology with advanced data analytics, providing real-time, item-level monitoring of food freshness throughout the entire supply chain, from production to consumption. With Evigence, businesses gain unparalleled insights that empower them to optimize freshness, reduce food waste, enhance safety, and ultimately improve profitability and sustainability.

Yoav Levy, CEO, and Co-Founder of Evigence, explains, "We believe that the food industry deserves a more intelligent and evidence-based approach to freshness management. Our goal has always been to revolutionize the way freshness is perceived and managed in the food industry, and our redesigned website is a testament to our dedication to achieving this. With this new platform, we're proud to offer a gateway to a smarter, more sustainable, and waste-reduced future."

In our pursuit of excellence, Evigence is excited to introduce a revitalized website that embodies our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. The decision to redesign our online presence stems from three key pillars:

1. Reimagined Branding: At Evigence, we believe inconstant evolution. Our updated brand guidelines are a testament to ourdedication to staying ahead of the curve. This refreshed branding alignsseamlessly with our core mission and values, underlining our innovativeapproach to freshness management.

2. Pioneering Innovation: Our redesigned website reflects Evigence's unwavering pioneering spirit within the industry. It stands as a symbol of our commitment to continuously challenge the status quo, pushing the boundaries of freshness management beyond traditional limits.

3. Elevated User Experience: We've placed the user experience at the forefront of our redesign efforts. The new website promises an enriched and dynamic experience for our valued visitors. It offers an extensive array of resources and content, designed to educate, and empower our audience.

Courtney Cook, Marketing Director, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to unveil our new and fresh website to the public. The rebranding and website overhaul represent a pivotal moment for Evigence, and the site's unique features reflect our unwavering dedication to embodying our core values and pushing the boundaries of freshness management across the industry. Welcome to the Evigence Era."

Evigence invites visitors to explore the new website at to discover how our technology is revolutionizing freshness management and helping businesses deliver the highest quality products to their customers while minimizing food waste.

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Evigence combines sensors with data analytics to monitor food's freshness in real-time, at the item level, all the way from production to consumption, providing unparalleled insights to optimize freshness in supply chains, inventory, and consumers' homes. To learn more, visit

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