February 1, 2024

The Importance of Transparency and Labeling in Fresh Food: Evigence's Freshness Management Platform Leading the Way

In the world of food consumption, transparency and labeling hold immense power. Today's consumers heavily rely on food labels to make informed choices about their products. Phrases like "fresh," "low in sugar," and "good source of protein" significantly influence their decisions. With U.S. food regulators proposing new labeling standards to simplify identifying healthy food options, transparent food labeling's significance has never been greater. Enter Evigence, with its pioneering freshness management platform and cutting-edge sensors, poised to revolutionize freshness monitoring across the cold chain, fostering trust and transparency with consumers.

Transparent labeling guides consumers toward healthier food selections, transcending mere marketing tactics. Studies show that many consumers associate terms like "fresh" with healthiness, with 37% considering it a marker of a wholesome product. Claims like "low in sugar" and "good source of protein" influence 32% and 29% of consumers, respectively. As regulators aim to enhance label informativeness, transparent food labeling's pivotal role is set to grow.

At Evigence, we lead the way in food freshness monitoring, transforming how businesses approach freshness in the food industry. Our innovative approach surpasses traditional date codes, equipping businesses to elevate product quality, reduce food waste, and cultivate consumer trust. By combining cutting-edge sensors with advanced data analytics, we offer real-time, item-level freshness monitoring across the entire cold chain, from production to consumption.

"Our mission at Evigence is clear: we empower customers with unprecedented insights to optimize freshness in their supply chains, efficiently manage inventory, and enhance freshness in consumers' homes," explains Oria Malka, VP Sales, Evigence. Greater freshness visibility empowers clients to make informed decisions, proactively ensure food quality, minimize inefficiencies, and enhance profitability and sustainability.

Evigence is committed to leading the way in creating a more sustainable, environmentally friendly food industry. We envision a world where every meal is delivered with uncompromised quality, businesses thrive sustainably, and food waste significantly decreases. We champion technology-driven sustainability, leveraging innovations to optimize product freshness, reduce waste, and contribute to a healthier planet.

Empowering consumers to make informed choices is paramount. Ensuring products are used within their true shelf life instills confidence in consuming fresh goods, fostering a healthier food ecosystem and promoting sustainability by reducing waste.

Evigence transcends conventional freshness monitoring. Our platform combines sensors and data analytics, providing real-time freshness insights from production to consumption. This empowers businesses to reduce waste, streamline supply chains, enhance profitability, and ensure customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, transparency and labeling are pivotal in the food industry. Evigence's freshness management platform and sensors lead the transformation in freshness monitoring across the cold chain. This technology not only helps businesses build trust and transparency with consumers but also contributes to sustainability by reducing food waste. As Evigence continues to lead in food freshness management, we envision a world where every meal is delivered with uncompromised quality, businesses thrive sustainably, and the food industry becomes more environmentally friendly.


Courtney Cook, Marketing Director

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